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Be part of a rugby tournament of superlatives! You want to bring enthusiasm and idealism as a volunteer and earn the sympathy and gratitude of visitors, athletes and organizers alike? Then apply now!

The tournament in the Olympic Rugby 7s is not only a mega-event, but it is also a big international sports festival with national teams and guests from all continents. The reward of every volunteer is the experience of being up close. The look behind the scenes inside the stadium, with the team or in the catacombs is only available to those who actively participate in this tournament as volunteers. No spectator enjoys this privilege. You can only experience the feeling of having made Germany’s biggest rugby event and an international world-class tournament in Munich possible as a volunteer.

If you want to apply as a volunteer, you must be at least 18 years old during the tournament and be available on both matchdays (21 + 22.09.2019). All volunteers will receive working clothing and food during their working hours. Outside of duty, all volunteers can follow the games in their own volunteer block in the stadium.

Volunteers are needed in different areas, from the spectator services to the press area to the changing rooms. When applying, you can specify the areas in which you would like to help.

Volunteering areas:

The Accreditation/Ticketing volunteers work in the accreditation office and in the sales offices in the stadium. They issue a personal accreditation card to every participant with with access rights to the restricted areas of the stadium, training facilities or other facilities. They also distribute deposited tickets or handle problems with tickets and accreditations.

Minimum availability: 21.09. – 22.09.

The Volunteer Center organizes and supervises the volunteers. This includes registration and clothing distribution, the organization of short-term schedule changes and the volunteer catering.

Minimum availability: 21.09. – 22.09.

The FCE team is responsible for the opening and closing ceremonies, the Winner‘s Ceremony and matchday entertainment. Setting up and dismantling stage elements, waving banners and flags as well as handing over trophies and medals are just as much a part of the job as providing support and care for artists and DJs.

Minimum availability: 21.09. – 22.09.

The Central Information System ensures that teams and the press have all the game statistics in real time.
Volunteers in this area watch the game and gather information or distribute the data to teams and in the press area.

Minimum availability: 21.09. – 22.09.

Media and PR volunteers support journalists and photographers in the stadium – on the media tribune, at the photographers‘ stands, in the press conference rooms and in the mixed zone. They welcome the media representatives and provide the information they need for their work, hand over tickets or other media passports, and assist the journalists in all matters.

Minimum availability: 21.09. – 22.09.

All spectators should feel comfortable at the Oktoberfest 7s and enjoy top-level rugby in a pleasant environment. Volunteers in Spectator Services contribute to this experience with their hospitality. They welcome fans, answer questions and show the spectators the best way to their seats.

Minimum availability: 21.09. – 22.09.

The Sports Operations team takes care of everything directly related to the tournament. This includes everything that happens in the changing rooms, at the warm-up pitch, in the players‘ tunnel and on the sidelines. The provision of water and towels is just as much a part of the job as ensuring the punctuality of the teams for the stadium entrance and to keep the tournament area tidy.
The support of anti-doping staff is also done by the Sports Operations team. Volunteers ensure that the anti-doping room is ready for use at all times. They accompany players and those responsible for the anti-doping program at the tournament site.

Minimum availability: 21.09. – 22.09.

The Team Marketing/Merchandise takes care of all the activities in the fan zone in the stadium concourse. The sale of merchandise is as much part of the area of responsibility as the support of campaigns by the tournament sponsors.

Minimum availability: 21.09. – 22.09.

VIP/Hospitality Volunteers take care of the very important guests at the event: they greet and say goodbye to the guests, provide information or distribute tickets and accreditation as needed.

Minimum availability: 21.09. – 22.09.

The Venue and Ground Management volunteers support the stadium managers and the greenkeepers to ensure the smooth running of the event in the venue and on the training grounds. They help with problem solving by obtaining the required information, coordinating on-site operations, monitoring the program flow, and organizing communication. They also ensure that the athletes have good training conditions. For example, they assist with the installation of equipment, technology, signage and banners in the stadium.

Minimum availability: 18.09. – 22.09.

Team Liaison Officers ensure that the entire team’s stay is as smooth as possible from the arrival to departure. They make sure that all problems are minimized or resolved. The TLO acts as the right hand of the team manager of a national team. He is the contact person and mediator between the team and the tournament organizer. The TLO accompanies the teams to dinner, to training, to leisure activities and to the stadium.
The job as team liaison officer is a 24-hour job with lots of workload. On the other hand, the task also offers the most comprehensive insights behind the scenes. Absolute discretion and the fluent command of the German language and the national language of the assigned team is a prerequisite for the work as a Team Liaison Officer.

Minimum availability: 17.09. – 23.09.

Enjoyment of driving and practice in handling minibuses and vans are the most important bases for use as a driver. There will be a variety of rides during the tournament week – players, coaches, officials, VIPs and equipment will need to get to their respective locations. Drivers are needed on both the tournament days and the week before. Local knowledge in Munich is helpful, a minimum of three years of driving license ownership are required.

Minimum availability: 19.09. – 22.09.

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