the DHL oktoberfest 7s

The DHL Oktoberfest 7s

It is going to be the biggest rugby show Germany has ever seen.

•  Twelve of the best national teams in sevens (i.a. Fiji, South Africa, England, France, Australia)
•  Two days of nonstop action – 18 matches per day
•  The unique Oktoberfest atmosphere on the stands
•  Six of the world’s top top ten teams – all of the medal winning sides from the Rio olympics


The Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest has been held since 1810 and is by far the biggest beer fest in the world.

  More than 6 million visitors annually
  More than 8 million steins of beer consumed every year
  A staggering choice of 14 beer tents, with capacities of up to 12,000 visitors
  September 16th will mark the opening of festivities

A visit to the DHL Oktoberfest 7s would not be complete without making the 15 minute subway ride to the Oktoberfest grounds and sipping a stein in the legendary beer tents.

the teams

The teams

Twelve world class national sides will compete at the DHL Oktoberfest 7s. Among them are:

•   Fiji (Olympic gold medalist & three times Sevens World Series winners)
•   South Africa (Reigning Sevens World Series champions & Olympic bronze medalist)

•   England (Olympic silver medalist, sevens world cup finalist and runner up in the world series)
•   Three further top ten teams in France, Australia, Argentina
•   Ireland (Runner up in the European Championship)
•   Hosts Germany

the city of munich

The city of munich

Bavaria’s capital, Germany’s southernmost major city and the gateway to the alps: Munich is known as the country’s most scenic city and situated right in the heart of Europe. But it is also an economic hub for global companies such as Siemens, BMW and Allianz.

The city with its ancient centre and its surroundings offers much more than just the Oktoberfest though, giving attendants of the DHL Oktoberfest 7s the opportunity to take an extended brake in Bavaria’s south. The alps as well as countless magnificent lakes are within an hour’s drive from Munich and so is Neuschwanstein castle. The picture perfect example of the Romantic era architecture is nestled on a steep hill above the Alpsee lake and is widely regarded as the most beautiful castle in the world.

the venue

The venue

The inaugural DHL Oktoberfest Sevens will be held at the iconic Olympic Stadium of Munich, Germany. The 69,000 capacity stadium was the main venue for the 1972 olympic games and also served as the home ground of Germany’s most successful soccer team Bayern Munich until 2005.

It underwent extensive refurbishments in 2010-2011 and continues to be one of the most popular sports and concert venues in all of Germany. Situated right in the middle of the olympic park and only a short subway ride away from the very heart of Germany’s third biggest city, it offers perfect facilities for spectators and athletes alike.

the social tournament

The social tournament

An annual amateur rugby tournament has been held during the Oktoberfest celebrations by the local Munich Rugby Football club since 1978. This tournament will be incorporated as the ‚Oktoberfest 7s Classics‘ in the overall tournament proceedings, giving amateur players the opportunity to play themselves and watch the elite teams battle it out for the main title at the olympic stadium.

The pitches on which the Oktoberfest Classics will be held are a mere five minute walk away from the main stadium, which will also serve as the venue for the Oktoberfest Classics final. Amateur players will have access to discounted tickets for the main tournament.

Registration for the Oktoberfest 7s Classics social tournament is already underway and is being handled by the Munich Rugby Football Club. To register a men’s team follow this link. To register a women’s team please use the following link.


What is 7s Rugby?

Rugby is one of the most popular team sports around the globe with about 300 million fans following the game avidly. Apart from the traditional 15-man-version of the game, Sevens has been making huge gains in prominence and popularity around the globe recently.

The game has been played since its inception in 1883 in the Scottish town of Melrose, but its biggest leap in popularity came about in 2009, when Sevens Rugby was declared an olympic sport by the IOC.

It combines the traditional strengths of rugby – being a continuously flowing and hugely physical sport – with an added element of extreme pace and even more athleticism. Games are played with seven minutes halves only, therefore teams usually play three matches a day. Only seven players field the pitch for each team, giving the attackers acres of space and facilitating an attacking and high scoring brand of rugby.

The global Sevens-scene is more competitive than its traditional big brother. During the last season of the World Sevens Series six different teams won at least one of the ten tournaments, with Fiji taking the overall spoils. National teams of non-traditional rugby nations – like those of Canada, Kenya and to an increasing degree also the Oktoberfest 7s hosts Germany themselves – are competitive on a world stage and can beat world class teams on their day.

For spectators Sevens events offer non stop action over the course of an entire day and the opportunity to see world class athletes from around the globe perform with only short brakes in between games. Sevens rugby is known for its unique party-like atmosphere, which is fueled by friendly fans celebrating not just their teams, but the sport itself.

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